Let’s face it, you’re fat. I’m not judging you but let’s be honest here.

When I say you’re fat, I’m not implying you are some morbidly obese person who spends their days eating jelly doughnuts, but rather a regular guy who is carrying too much body fat. Take a look at the chart below:

bodyfatchartChances are that you fall into the average or above average category. And while it may be what most men carry, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy or appealing.

I understand that most of you have no interest in looking like a fitness pro, elite athlete, or bodybuilder, but I do know that you would rather look like figure 1 versus figure 2.

pic2-horzThis is the difference between 8% bodyfat and 25% bodyfat. The dude on the right looks like your average dad; not fat, but soft and lacking muscle tone. And if you think that attaining 8% bodyfat is unrealistic, I will tell you that is most definitely possible, regardless of your current size.

There are many different reasons why you are still “fat” and they can range from poor genetics, high stress levels, or having no goals. I say “other” reasons you are still fat because I am excluding the obvious reasons like “I eat too much” or ” I’m lazy”.

In today’s video I list 10 reasons you may not even be aware of as to why you’re still in the shape you’re in.

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