We all have busy lives. We are so bogged down with work and family that often times we have little time for ourselves. The only problem is that when we forget to take care of ourselves, everything else in our lives becomes worse.

When we start to feel lousy due to inactivity and stress, we try to fix it with a weekend trip and a shit load of drinking. When we finally have had enough of the fat rolls floating around our midsection, we tell ourselves no more Domino’s pizza and wings. Of course that lasts for all of 12 hours before we forget the promise to ourselves.

The point is that we, speaking to middle aged men in general, don’t do shit. Exercise, at least on a consistent basis, is unfamiliar territory and shouldn’t be. At least, that’s my opinion.

I don’t know what it will take to motivate you to get your ass off the couch, but today’s video shares 10 pretty good reasons to try it anyway:

  1. More confidence. We ALL could use more of this. Except maybe Roman.
  2. Less stress. Let’s hope a heart attack is
  3. Better sleep.
  4. Sick less often.
  5. More energy!
  6. Happier (for the most part).
  7. Posture improvement. You know you need this one..
  8. Improved self-esteem.
  9. More productive.
  10. Higher quality of life.

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