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If you’re listening to this show on New Years Eve or New Years Day, you still have time to join our Project 45 Challenge. This is going to be our toughest challenge to date and will test your mental and physical strength like never before. The FDN Inner Circle is where it’s going down and you can join us HERE.

Today I’m talking about why you don’t have the body you want and I’ll skip the obvious things like you aren’t exercising, eating well, or you’re just lazy. This is intended for those who have tried or are trying yet fail to see the results you expect or want.

Here are 10 reasons you don’t have the body you want:

1) You haven’t made yourself a priority. This is not selfish because you will be a better husband and father when you do.

2) You’re a procrastinator. Start taking one small step forward every day.

3) You’re a product of your environment. Surround yourself with lazy, unmotivated people and you become one.

4) You lack consistency with your diet and training. Consistency is key to all progress.

5) You’re eating too many calories. You might not even know it but it could be killing your weight loss efforts.

6) You have no plan. Random workouts and YouTube videos you searched up 10 minutes before you hit the gym don’t work. Find a program and stick to it.

7) You have unrealistic expectations. The media has taught us that instant results are not only possible, but easy.

8) You have no idea what you’re doing. Get help. Hire a coach. Do your homework.

9) You don’t actually believe you can do it. Past failures and yo-yo dieting have taught you that failing is the norm.

10) You are self-sabotaging yourself. Your fear of success may be limiting or killing your progress.

My hope for you is that you absolutely crush your goals in 2020 and I’m here to help if you’re ready.

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