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So today I’m not going to tell you how to get and stay fit but rather exactly what to do if you want to stay fat forever.

Obviously, I’m not condoning you do any or all of these things, but I’m asking you to look at your current lifestyle and see exactly how many of these you are doing right now.

And once you realize that you’re doing the wrong things and sabotaging your results, you can get to work on changing them!

Here they are:

  1. Hopping from diet to diet
  2. Not strength training
  3. Not being consistent with the basics like sleep, sun, and water
  4. Following someone else’s diet
  5. Self-sabotage
  6. Being in the wrong environment
  7. Following your program based on your feelings
  8. Doing it for the wrong reasons
  9. Quitting before results come
  10. Being an emotional eater
  11. Following the SAD
  12. Being weak mentally
  13. Being Full of excuses and sh*t
  14. Having no plan
  15. Just being lazy and/or apathetic

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