It’s no mystery that the typical American diet is not only filled with absolute garbage, but is responsible for dozens of health related problems, most prominently obesity.

Now we can’t blame our foods for our problems because we are all in control of what we put into our bodies every day, but the ease of availability coupled with our hectic, fast paced lifestyles, fits perfectly into a fast food mentality.

And I was no different for many years. I did my best to eat my 4-6 small meals per day and it worked..for a while. But then life got busy, time was short, and I did what many people end up doing..eating whenever and whatever they can.

And I don’t have to tell you that that is a recipe for poor health and getting fat.

Finding Primal

primal diet benefits

When I first discovered the Primal Diet, it was at the tail end of a period in my life when I was at my lowest. I had just gone through a separation and fell into a pretty dark place.

A dark place that could only be made brighter by eating copious amounts of fast food, mainly Big Mac’s.

So I did. And lots of them.

And as my body started to turn into a mushy lump of crap and my suit pants started getting tighter and tighter, I knew I was messing with my body the wrong way.

It took many longs months of quiet nights alone with my McDonald’s bag, eating quickly in my car, before heading back to my empty apartment, before I decided enough was enough.

So I made the decision to change.

There were a number of areas in my life I worked on improving but none that would have a bigger impact on my health and energy than my eating.

No More Red Bull!

primal diet benefits

What started the turnaround for me was first a shift in what I was eating every day. Instead of grabbing a bagel with cream cheese and a Red Bull (my favorite thing on Earth), I ate some scrambled eggs and an apple.

Instead of eating Panera for lunch, I had a huge green salad with tons of veggies and chicken. And instead of my go-to favorite of the #1 combo at McDonald’s, I had turkey meatloaf and asparagus.

The shift was difficult at first because my body desperately wanted the sugar, refined carbs, and fat that I had been feeding it and it revolted.

My body craved that immediate rush I got from drinking Red Bull (and 2-3 a day at that!).

It revolted by giving me a massive headache that lasted for days as my body detoxed from all the shit I had been feeding it.

But it got better.

And I ended up making a commitment to eating a Primal Diet and getting my health back.

And it worked.

And within a few short months, I felt 10X better and started seeing some noticeable changes in my body. And since that time, I’ve adopted a Primal Diet (most of the time) and have been teaching my clients the benefits with some amazing results.

For example, I ran a 30 day Primal challenge back in December 2016 and the main objective was to follow a basic and simple Primal diet.

And the results were pretty amazing. Most of the guys in the group lost between 5-12 pounds and the winner of the challenge, Matt B. (below), lost a total of 17 pounds.

primal diet benefits

Now this is all well and good but the most important thing was that these guys started to understand and learn why this approach to eating is so beneficial. And many have adopted it into their lives permanently.

When I’m sticking to a Primal Diet and being very consistent with it, I see tremendous results. Is it always easy to stick with? No. Life gets in the way and people bring pizza over. It happens.

But the idea behind a Primal approach to eating is not intended to be super strict because that rarely works and instead focuses on choosing high quality, close to nature foods, and avoiding the usual suspects of crap foods.

When you focus on eating lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, and full fat dairy, there is a TON you can do with it.

The options are virtually limitless and I’ve enjoyed hundreds of delicious and healthy recipes.

Primal Benefits

I’ve experienced much success with this approach to eating and there are a ton of benefits from eating Primally:

  • Better gut health
  • Better skin
  • Fewer allergies
  • Fewer colds
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Better sleep
  • Less stress

And there are 3 that really stand out and have had the biggest impact on me personally and with my clients:

  1. Fat loss. We all want to lose some fat, right? Most of us want to get rid of that spare tire and belly fat and shedding fat is the only way to do it.
  2. Energy. Eating a Primal Diet will boost your energy. A lot.
  3. Ease. As guys, we like easy. If it’s complicated or we think it’s too much hassle, we just won’t do it. I’m the same way and I like the fact that the Primal Diet is super easy and simple to follow. With just a few ingredients, you can make healthy and tasty meals, which is ideal for busy dads like us.

I go into these 3 benefits in more detail in today’s video and if you’re up for making a change to your diet and think you might be ready to take on the Primal, join our 30 day challenge starting on May 1.

Please keep in mind that a Primal Diet (or any other diet) will not work for everyone and what works best for you, your lifestyle, schedule, budget, and food preferences, all play a role in what will ultimately be successful for you.

Also, just to be clear; the term “diet” implies temporary, which is exactly what we don’t want and the Primal is much more of a lifestyle than just a fix or gimmick.

Our 90-Day Transformation Program, The Fit Dad Blueprint is getting dads some amazing results and a large part of that is attributed to the Primal Diet nutrition plan.

Join us and you’ll become a part of a group of dads all committed to eating better, feeling better, looking better, and getting healthy.