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Here’s an unpopular fact; you already know everything you need to know about losing your fat gut, man boobies, and getting into shape.

Many of you have already been in shape or gotten into shape (more than once) at some point in your life yet are currently overweight, weak, tired, and exhausted. You know that in order to lose weight, you need to eat less, as in a calorie deficit. You also know that resistance training is critical for adding lean muscle, which is the #1 best thing you can do for your metabolism and fat burning.

You also know that you should be eating high quality foods and staying away from crap foods. And getting enough sleep is up there as far as importance as well.
But on a grand scale, very few are doing these basic things.

And it comes down to one thing; your excuses!

Here are 3 of the most often used excuses and none of them are valid.

Here’s why:

1. “I can’t stick to a diet!”

Every “diet” needs 3 things in order to be successful. It needs to be healthy, get results, and be sustainable. That’s it. Stop following Keto or any other extreme diet. They do work but not for most of us. You don’t need to sacrifice all the things you love for the sake of weight loss. Focus on healthy one ingredient foods. Give up the things you know aren’t helping your progress.

2. “I don’t know how to get started.”

Start where you’re at. Stop comparing yourself to me or anyone else, especially on social media, they are all highlight reels. Take one small step each day. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t do a pushup, do it from your knees. Make every day a non-zero day. Find someone or a group to hold you accountable.

3. “I don’t have enough time.”

I hear this one less now that COVID has kept us all home for so long but it’s a HUGE excuse. Get it out of your head that you need to train for hours a day. You don’t. My workouts are typically 30 minutes or less and it’s been this way for years. Your health is the single best investment you have and if you’re not making time for it, you’re cheating yourself and your family.

You do have enough time for exercise. You do have enough time to cook healthy food. The busiest and most successful men in the world make time for their health every day and you can too.

There are always going to be a hundred reasons why you can’t do this. Your job is to find the one reason you can.

Stop the excuses and get to work.

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