There’s a quote I often see which says “If you don’t want to start over, stop giving up.” And while this is very true, it doesn’t account for all the people who haven’t started at all!

Now many of you have been in and out of gyms for years and are no stranger to working out, but there are still a lot of you who are just struggling to find the motivation to get started.

Starting Ain’t Easy!

I won’t lie; starting something new (in this case, working towards getting fit), is not easy. I’ve been a fitness coach for more than 17 years and have seen countless men (and women) struggle with taking that very first step towards improving their lifestyle.

Those of you who are in the habit of not exercising, eating whatever you want, and living a sedentary lifestyle will have to face a big decision at some point.

The decision that needs to be made is the one that will change the course of your life. Living a sedentary life, being overweight, and looking and feeling like shit all the time is not a good life. Your quality of life sucks at that point and the only thing to do is to make the choice to change it.

And maybe that decision needs to be made now.

In today’s video, I share three things that you can do that will help get you started. These three things don’t have to necessarily be about fitness and health and can really be about anything at all.

The point is that you get started and do it sooner rather than later.

Remember, you don’t need to change everything at once. Small steps are the best way to permanent changes.

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