Life is nothing more than what we make of it. Be awesome.

We can either live a life that inspires nobody or we can chose to live a life that inspires many. We can live with no regrets or many. And we can choose to live in a way that makes us feel alive and makes us genuinely happy or we can go along with the quiet masses who choose to live a life of mediocrity.

In short, we can either choose to be awesome or choose to be ordinary. Neither is wrong, but you and I both have the choice to decide which it will be.

Being awesome doesn’t mean you are an arrogant prick or narcissistic. It means that you are living your life in the best way you are capable of. And let’s be honest, we ALL can become better people and live better lives.

Being awesome is about all the small decisions we make every day. Choosing good over bad, selfless over selfish, and honesty over deceit. It’s about adding to this world instead of taking from it.

Here are 50 things that we can do to be awesome in our own way

  1. Be the best father and person you know.
  2. Spend your time doing things that make you come alive. Living your passion is not overrated.
  3. Smile more. It’s the easiest thing you can do and it can turn someone’s day around.
  4. Use a persons name when speaking to them.
  5. Don’t judge (even the people you don’t like).
  6. Inspire others to be better. You will get better as a result.
  7. Eat like you actually give a shit about your body.
  8. Exercise every day. Train hard and stick with it.
  9. Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep daily. You need it more than you think.
  10. Reduce your stress. Stress is a silent killer not to mention, it will keep you fat!
  11. Choose happiness over misery. We all have that choice, even when things seems the darkest.
  12. Talk to a stranger. You never know who you might meet.
  13. Get out of your comfort zone. That’s where ALL of your personal growth is.
  14. Do something to embarrass yourself. Laughing at ourselves is so good for us.
  15. Be humble, yet strong.
  16. Cry when you need to. It is a sign of emotional strength, not weakness.
  17. Set a worthy goal and stick to it.
  18. Work on your goal every day until you’ve done it.
  19. Be proud of who you are.
  20. Let go of anger. It will suck you down into a black hole.
  21. Forgive.
  22. Be nice to everyone. Even if they’re dicks.
  23. Take cold showers.
  24. Stop complaining. Instead, create solutions.
  25. BE in the moment. All we have is right now. Just ask the father who just lost his daughter in a car accident.
  26. Live without regrets.
  27. Love deeply. It can be hard to love again after a divorce, but don’t write it off. It’s possible to feel that again.
  28. Be truly grateful for what you already have.
  29. Find what makes you laugh and do it often.
  30. Find work that inspires you and do it. There is no glory in being fucking miserable. I know because I did it for 11 years.
  31. Control your day, don’t let it control you.
  32. Be honest with others and to yourself.
  33. Be a great friend.
  34. Respect others in the same way you want to be respected.
  35. Hang around people smarter than you.
  36. Listen more than you talk.
  37. Stop accommodating everyone else. It’s OK to say “no”.
  38. Become a producer instead of a consumer. MJ DeMarco is a perfect example of this.
  39. Do things for people unconditionally. There is no greater feeling.
  40. Become so good they can’t ignore you. Whatever your calling, become great at it. Really great.
  41. Focus on personal happiness instead of personal sacrifice.
  42. Read things that make you better.
  43. Find the joy in the small things. They are all around us.
  44. Go outside and be.
  45. Take chances.
  46. Be brave. Talk to women. Challenge yourself. Do what you are afraid of.
  47. Know that you are awesome. Own it and live it.
  48. Spend time with awesome people. They say we become who we hang around most, so hang with positive and high quality peeps.
  49. Dare to dream.
  50. Get out of your own way. YOU are the biggest obstacle to having it all.

Life is short, my friends. Much too short to live a life that’s expected and “normal”. If you aren’t doing these things on a daily basis, you aren’t growing enough.

Get out there take life by the balls and be awesome! You got this!

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