Although most of what I write about here is fitness related, one of my biggest passions is being in service to others and seeing life changes happen in other people.

I spend a lot of time online (go figure) and when I come across something particularly moving, I bookmark it. The other day I got to watching some of these videos and was moved to tears by more than a few.

Life is so much more than just going to work, paying your bills, and doing all the things you’re supposed to do. It’s about living a life you love, having amazing relationships and experiences, and making other peoples lives better.

Some of these stories are so emotionally moving, especially if you have children, that I felt the need to share several of them with you today:

¬†1. A Brother’s Love Makes His Sister’s Dream Come True.

This one absolutely killed me. I have two young daughters and the thought of ether one of them being bullied upsets and infuriates me. Hearing Amber talking about being bullied is heartbreaking and then watching how her brother stands up for her and then seeing her dream come true makes this such an amazing story.

2. James Robertson’s 21 Mile Commute

One good deed by someone looking to help a fellow man has turned into a life changing event that nobody could have predicted. One of the things that moves me most is the selfless acts of two men and subsequently more than 13,000 others who joined together to change James’ life forever. Love this story.

3. Autistic Kid Has Game of His Life

If this doesn’t make you feel good, you have something wrong. I had goosebumps when Jason McElwain started lighting it up and I can only imagine what the atmosphere was like when it was happening. This life of this kid as well as every person there has changed permanently, I can assure you of that.

4. The Story of Rick and Dick Hoyt

I’ve seen a lot instances of a father’s love for their child(ren), but this is simply amazing. It’s incredibly inspiring to see father and son working together and the infallible commitment Dick has to his son.

5. Matt Diaz Shares His Secret

Matt is a young guy who spent much of his life morbidly obese. He has lost 270 pounds in the last six years and decided to share his “secret” with the world via YouTube. It took A LOT of courage to do this and I don’t know if I could do it if it were me.

6. Homeless Man Spreads His Good Fortune

This is another inspiring video which shows a young guy giving a homeless man $100 in order to see how he spends it. What he finds is just how badly he misjudges him and what ensues amazes him.

Do Something Good

My hope in sharing these is that it makes you think about the opportunity we all have to help your fellow man. We don’t need to change the lives of millions, but what if we can just change the life of one?

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