It seems that everywhere you look there is another new fad diet, extreme workout program, or breakthrough “must have” fitness product. Fitness, more so than most nearly any other market, is absolutely brimming with “solutions” to our never ending quest for rapid weight loss.

And because we want quick results, we tend to fall victim to the savvy marketing ploys of those who can offer such things as 8 minute abs, 10 pounds in 10 days, and instant beach bodies.

Or so we think. Unfortunately there is no quick fix and getting into the shape you want will not be easy nor will you be ready to grace the pages of Men’s Health magazine after spending 3 weeks in the gym.

It takes work and a shit ton of it.

I get asked all the time “what supplements should I take?” or “which protein powder is best?” and my answer is always the same. I ask them if they are doing all the fundamental things necessary to get and stay fit. And if the answer is yes then I’ll gladly offer my advice. But rarely do I hear that.

Instead I usually get a set of eyes rolling when I start talking about boring things like getting enough sleep or drinking lots of water as being the fundamentals of fitness.

But things like this are imperative to your fitness success and in the video below, I discuss the 7 things that you should focus on before you even consider buying that thermogenic supplement or loading up on creatine.

They are not glamorous but they work. And after all, you only care about results, right?

Are you doing these 7 things? Let me know in the comments.

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