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As we get ready to head in 2021, I think it’s safe to say that 2020 was an epic failure across the board.

Now it’s time to look towards the future and for all of us who struggled this year, it’s time to shake that sh*t off and make this year monumentally better. In November, we started the 75 Hard Challenge in our Inner Circle program and it’s been an amazing journey so far. We have just a few weeks left and the men who started are absolutely crushing it.

We’ve had guys lose 30 pounds, drop into size 32 jeans for the first time in decades, build strength and endurance like they haven’t felt in years, and finally feel like they are in control of their health and life. This has been such a game changing experience that we’re starting a new wave of challengers on January 1. If you missed the first go round, do not miss this one.

Here’s what you’ll be doing for 75 days:

  1. Working out twice a day, each for at least 45 minutes. One workout MUST be outside, rain or shine.
  2. Following a healthy diet with zero cheats and no alcohol.
  3. Drinking one gallon of water.
  4. Reading 10+ pages of non-fiction.
  5. Taking a progress photo.

Failure to meet any one of these on any given day will result in restarting your challenge from day 1. It’s hard but that’s the point. We are ALL so full of excuses and it’s too easy to cash it in and skip that workout or eat that McDonald’s burger and it has to stop. It has to stop if you want to change your body, your habits, your lifestyle, and ultimately, your life.

This is a challenge that will get you insanely consistent with healthy habits and you will see results. We do this inside our private group for the added benefits of accountability (which is huge), coaching, and support. And it helps a tremendous amount to have these things because there will be many times when you want to quit.

I’m inviting you to join us and you have until January 1 to decide whether you’ll take this on with our band of brothers.

I seriously hope you do.

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