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As our Fit Dad Nation Inner Circle group gets ready to start the 75 Hard Challenge, I asked 1stPhorm challenge director and RD Jeremy Mullins to come on the show.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the 75 Hard, it was developed by 1stPhorm owner Andy Frisella and designed to help people build mental toughness through creating daily habits and sticking to 5 critical tasks each and every day for 75 days straight.

The tasks are:

1. Choose a healthy diet and stick to it with zero cheats. No alcohol either.
2. Workout twice a day for a min of 45 minutes. One MUST be outdoors.
3. Drink one gallon of water daily.
4. Read 10+ pages of a non-fiction book.
5. Take a progress pic daily.

Failure to meet any one of these tasks an any day results in starting the challenge over at day 1.

Jeremy has been leading groups and challenges, running calls, and helping people get fit and healthy for years and his dedication and passion is obvious. He’s also been through the 75 Hard personally and today he shares some insights on why it’s so popular and successful.

My group and I are kicking this off on November 1 and if you’re a dad looking to get into kick ass shape, physically and mentally, I invite you to apply to our brotherhood in the Inner Circle.

We will be running weekly coaching calls to help keep you on track, using accountability teams for support, daily tracking charts, and you’ll have access to a number of resources to keep you pushing forward, especially when shit gets hard.

And it will.

The accountability portion of this can’t be overstated and trying to do this alone is not something I recommend. If you’re ready to join a group of dads on the same path as you are and are willing to put aside your ego and get to work, you can apply here.

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