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So as you know by now, I coach dads for a living and it’s something I have a tremendous passion for I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to do this full-time. I’ve been part of so many of my clients and community members transformations and life changes and it’s been an incredible privilege.

So its very difficult to see men in our community struggling in their day to day life, wandering aimlessly around the internet looking for solutions to their fitness problems. And for every problem we have, there are thousands of people ready and willing to sell you some program, diet, supplement, or product and sadly, much of it is not only unnecessary, it’s pure bullshit.

Getting fit isn’t complicated. The fitness industry wants you to THINK it’s complicated so you’ll buy their stuff, but it really boils down to a handful of things.

Here is what I’ll tell you:

1. Stop using fucking excuses. We all have busy ass lives, kids, jobs, and dozens of other things to do daily. If you want it, you have to MAKE time for it. Period.

2. Make your body a priority. It’s selfish to put yourself behind everyone and everything else. Take care of #1 and everything else follows. I assure you, this is not selfish.

3. Life is hard, get over it. I struggle every day to keep my business afloat, to keep my emotions in check when I can’t see my daughters, and to keep myself from eating a box of honey buns on Tuesday mornings. It’s hard, really fucking hard, and some days it seems impossible. But it’s not. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I shut down. Sometimes I’m just an asshole. But I move forward every day because life doesn’t owe me anything.

4. Put work in every day. Stretch, walk, take the stairs, get more movement in. Lift heavy weights until they aren’t heavy anymore. Train hard. Sweat your ass off. Be committed.

5. Eat like you actually care about your body. Drink lots of water, eat real food, sleep well, get more nookie, cut back on stress, get outside, and chill the fuck out.

6. Find your “why” as in why it’s so important to be healthy and fit. Maybe you want to look great naked. Maybe you’re tired of being a fat ass. Maybe you want better sex with your wife. Whatever your reason, it HAS to resonate deeply for it to drive you past your excuses, procrastination, and bullshit.

7. Be mind numbingly consistent. Consistency beats intensity every day of the week. You can’t to go all out for a few weeks or a few months and expect results. It doesn’t work like that. Can you make progress in the short-term? Sure. But if you’re serious about being lean, fit, and healthy in the long term, it takes time. Like years. I’ve been at it for 25 years and I’m far from done.

8. Realize that life is immensely short. Sure you or I could get in a car accident tomorrow and die but think about your life and the quality of it if you lived until you were 80. Do you want to be hobbling around all hunched over because you never took care of yourself? Do you want the best years of your life to be spent just trying to make it through another dull and meaningless day? You can still live an amazing life while looking and feeling the best you ever have. It’s there. Take it.

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