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Gyms have been closed for a while now and it’s on us to improvise with at home workouts. If you’re fortunate enough to have weights, medicine balls, sandbags, or resistance bands, that’s great. If not, your left to find body weight exercises to keep you training.

Either way, we’re still out of our routines and trying to establish some semblance of normalcy.

Here are 8 mistakes you’re making with your home workouts:

1. You’re using excuses to be lazy and not train. Sure your gym is closed, but you have everything you need in your house to get and/or stay fit. Unless you’re an elite athlete or CrossFitter, you’ll be using your stairs, doorways, chairs and tables in your house.

2. Not having a set training schedule. Consistency is key. Put it on your calendar and commit to it.

3. Training in a comfortable room. Pick an uncomfortable room like your unfinished basement or garage. The living room can be distracting with a tv or if your kids are trying to get your attention. Better yet, do it with your kids.

4. Doing the same workouts over and over. Get creative and have fun. Sticking to the same handful of exercises gets boring and you may lose interest. We’ve got multiple programs for home workouts in the Inner Circle that will get you engaged and working hard.

5. Trying to overdo it. For those relying on body weight exercises, understand that they aren’t necessarily easier than free weights. It’s easy to push too hard because you’re not using dumbbells or barbells, but there are plenty of movements that can hurt you if not done properly.

6. Not focusing on strength training. This is the base for all exercise programs. It’s easy to get caught up in doing a bunch of cardio/conditioning but muscle mass is always a priority regardless of your goal.

7. Skipping body parts like your back. You might think it’s impossible to work back without a bar but it’s not. Use your table, chairs, broom or shovel handle.

8. Not being accountable. We’re inherently lazy and when given the choice, most of us will choose the path of least resistance and that includes finding fillers and tasks to keep us busy and away from the things we know we need to do like training hard. Find an accountability partner, group or program. We have the Fit Dad Nation Inner Circle which focuses on accountability. If nobody is watching or nobody cares, it gives us far too many outs and makes it easy for us to say “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

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