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It’s always easier to find excuses than it is to find the motivation to do the work we know we need to do in order to get fit and healthy.

And often times, those excuses turn into lies we tell ourselves and over time, they become our truths.

Of course they are all bullshit but they can be debilitating and cause us to struggle year after year.

Here are 8 lies that are keeping you fat and unhealthy:

1. I’m too old or it’s too late.

2. This is the hand I was dealt.

3. I don’t have time.

4. I don’t see results no matter what I do.

5. I can’t stay consistent enough to get results.

6. I don’t have enough motivation.

7. Family comes first and I come second.

8. I’ve have always been out of shape.

These things are literally killing your progress and if you want to change your body, you have to change your beliefs.

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