Junk food.

I’ll be honest, I love it. I always have and for many years, my lightning fast metabolism saved me from becoming a fat pig.

But now, at age 44, things are different. I know many of you are in the same boat and as you get older, have to work twice as hard to keep the fat off.

I train in the gym Monday through Friday, eat pretty clean, and take my supplements. But after I’ve finished working for the day (usually around 9pm), I feel that powerful sensation that magically moves me from my desk over to the pantry where all the chips, cookies, and snacks are.

And although I keep a ton of healthy foods on hand, there is something about that pre-bedtime hour that really makes me want to stuff my face with junk food.

I’ve been fighting with it for years and I know many of you do as well. Many of our discussions over on my Facebook page revolve around diet and nutrition and more specifically, the struggles we face in trying to stay on point with our eating.

It’s a tough thing; eating well (and consistently) and I’m no different than any of you. It all comes down to a few things:

  1. Our habits, either good or bad
  2. Our willpower
  3. Our reasons for eating it

How To Get Off The Junk

I’d be lying if I told you I ate well all the time. Even though I am a fitness coach, teach people how to live healthier, and should lead by example, I still struggle with this. A lot.

For me, it comes down to a handful of things I have to do every day to keep me on track. If I didn’t use them, I have no doubt that my body fat would be well over 20% and I’d probably feel like shit all the time.

My discipline when it comes to snacking is not great. I tell myself that I can get away with eating shit like cheese and crackers, Doritos, Pop-Tarts, chips and salsa, and Oreo’s because my metabolism has been good for so long.

But not only is eating all this crap unhealthy, it’s sabotaging my efforts in the gym and negating my healthy eating during the day.

I only tell you this because I know how hard it is to stay off junk food. And for those of you who aren’t exercising consistently (or at all), are unsure of how/what to eat, or are just trying to figure it all out, it can be extremely easy to justify eating snack/junk foods.

So I thought about what I do in my own life to prevent me from turning into a gelatinous mass of body fat and came up with 9 things that have helped me tremendously.

In this video, I’ll share all 9 and why I think each is effective. I hope you’ll take some or all of them and apply them in your life. I know it will make a huge difference!

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