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Aaron Walker is a life coach, author of View From The Top, Living a Life of Success and Significance and currently runs and the Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind. Aaron works with men to help them become the best versions of themselves, which is something I also have a deep passion for and can relate to his mission.

Aaron is seriously one of the most genuine guys I’ve ever met and you can’t help but instantly like him. His smile is contagious and if you’ve seen any of his videos, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

Our conversation focused on the importance of relationships in business and why he says that has been the key to his successes over the years. He shares why he gives so much value for free and the fact that he’s been interviewed almost 1,000 times demonstrates that well. He loves to help people succeed and readily gives his time doing so.

In fact, he tells the story of a man wanting to join his mastermind program solely for the reason of copying his methods and using them to build his own business. Aaron’s response? “Absolutely! I’ll show you everything I know!”

This speaks volumes about the type of man Aaron is and I see why his business is thriving. He has an interesting backstory as well and he’s built 12 successful businesses, retired at an early age, and was all set to kick back and relax. That is until a close friend of his told him it was the most selfish thing he’d ever heard him say. So he unretired (a few times actually) and started a coaching business, which he does full-time now.

We spoke about the power behind building a tribe and why it’s so critically important for us, as men, to be part of one. One of the reasons he and I both do our work through groups exclusively is because the accountability and support we get from being around like minded men can’t be replaced. Aaron strongly urges any man who is looking to level up some aspect of his life to seek out a tribe, accountability group, or mastermind because he’s seen the sheer impact is has.

Aaron also talked about one of the things that has led to his success and that’s having a growth mindset versus what many of us have, and that’s a scarcity mindset. Aaron is living proof that the more you give, the more you get. While many of us are out hustling to make a buck and figuring out how to convert leads into sales, Aaron is solely focused on helping others succeed. And as he helps them succeed, his success tracks along with it.

I actually loved the conversation I had with Aaron and I walked away from the call feeling awesome. One of my biggest frustrations with online business is that there are so many sales gimmicks and Aaron is a perfect reminder that we don’t need to fall into the trap of chasing dollars. Instead, we need to focus on building relationships.

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