Hey there, I’m Steve and welcome to FitDadNation.com


This site is a resource for dads who want a place to learn more about how to get fit (again), become healthier, get their mojo back and are looking to become the best versions of themselves.

We’ve got more than 25,000 dads who are part of our community here and we’re all working together to make positive changes and help one another along.

And if you’re reading this, chances are you’re dealing with one or more of the following:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of energy
  • No real commitment to physical fitness
  • Struggling to keep up with your kids
  • A diet that consists of whatever is put in front of you
  • Not knowing how to start, where to start, or even why to start

And these things have led to:

  • Your ever expanding waistline and gut
  • Love handles that you can’t hide under your XL shirt
  • Man boobs
  • Feeling like shit all the time
  • Being unhappy (or disgusted) by what you see in the mirror every day
  • Lacking confidence in yourself as a husband, partner, father, employee, or pretty much any other area of your life

And it has to stop. It’s time to reclaim your manhood and take back what’s yours!

There is NO good reason you need to struggle through life not feeling your best, looking your best, or being your best.

And if this sounds all too familiar, you’re in the right place so keep reading.

Your Coach

Just to quickly introduce myself, my name is Steve Roy and I’m a proud dad to two amazing and beautiful daughters. I’ve also been a fitness coach and certified personal trainer since 1997 and have helped hundreds of men become healthier, happier, and more confident, and I’m here to help you too.

Because you’re here, chances are that you’re looking to make a change in your life. Maybe you want to lose that last 10 pounds of fat around your waist, maybe you want to get as fit as you were in college, maybe you want to feel attractive to your wife again, or maybe you just want to good about yourself again.

Or maybe you’re a fucking mess like I was for so long and are desperately looking for a better way to live!

Whatever the reason, I want to help.

Keep in mind that this site isn’t here to warn you of your health risks, to help you lower your cholesterol, or discuss the cardiovascular benefits of daily exercise. That’s what WebMD is for.

This site is here to help you get your ass in shape, look and feel better than you have in 20 years, be the best damn dad you can be, and find some fucking happiness in your life.

It’s ALL About Small Steps

fit dad nation

Getting back into shape after 5, 10, or even 20 years of inactivity isn’t an easy thing to do. Maybe you were a former athlete, a runner, a gym rat, or all of the above.

And then life happened. You got married, bought a house, started having children, and the glory days of you at 10% body fat and feeling great with your shirt off are now gone.

And you want it back.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to neglect your family, quit your job, join CrossFit, or become a contestant on The Biggest Loser. What you do need to do is change. And I’m here to help you do exactly that.

Let’s get started. Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Join our Facebook community where you can connect with like-minded men and share your wins and losses.
  2. Listen to the FDN Podcast. We do a weekly show and you can find a few of the most popular episodes with guest like Jay Ferruggia, James ‘The Iron Cowboy” Lawrence, and Jason Khalipa
  3. Shoot me an email. If you have a story, I want to hear it. I can’t help you if I don’t know you..
  4. If you’re ready to hit the ground running and step up your dad game, join our private member program, the Fit Dad Nation Inner Circle.

Married With Children

Like many of you, I started working in a job I thought would be a great career, got married, bought a house, had kids, and was on the normal path to the “American Dream”.

But I wasn’t. At all.

I ended up spending 8 years in a struggling marriage and among other things, put my health and fitness dead last in my never ending to-do list as a dad.

And I suffered.

My body fell apart. My confidence was shot. My energy levels sucked. My stress levels were off the charts. I felt like I had no real drive or ambition.

In short, I was simply going through the motions of life and counting down the days until retirement or death.

Things got worse after my separation and divorce in 2012, and my health took a serious downfall. I stopped caring about what I ate, stopped any and all exercise, and let me body turn into a mushy lump of crap.

And after a year of self abuse, I made the choice to change. I told myself that enough was enough and decided to reclaim my life. And I did.

And in 9 short months, I had turned my life completely around and felt and looked better than I had in two decades.

I share this with you because I know what you’re going through. Maybe you haven’t been through a divorce and maybe your marriage is solid, and that’s great.

But you’ve put yourself last and your health has suffered because of it.

And it’s time to change that. Putting yourself last doesn’t work and never will. If you truly want to be fit, be vibrant and feel fucking awesome, you need to put yourself first.

This is one thing I learned the hard way. If you don’t take care of yourself first, how can you be the best father, employee, partner, or person you can be?

Life Changes and Helping You

How I turned my life around was pretty simple actually. I started creating new positive habits and dropped the bad ones. I ate like I gave a shit about my body and started training hard again. I focused on the positives in my life and got rid of the negatives. I became a better person and made better decisions.

And as a result I became a better dad.

And I want to help you do the same.