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Alan Thrall is a Marine Corp veteran and the owner of Untamed Strength, which is a strongman/powerlifting gym based in Sacramento California. He’s also competed in multiple Strongman competitions as well as Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting meets.

He also has a very engaged online community with Untamed Strength and it’s not only because he knows his sh*t when it comes to this stuff but he uses a lot of comedy to keep it entertaining and if you’ve ever seen any of his YouTube videos, you know what I’m talking about.

Alan keeps his training and that of his clients, pretty simple; focus on big, compound lifts and get stronger. The story of how he started Untamed Strength is pretty interesting as well and he talks about how and why it all got started.

He shares his thoughts on the StrongLifts 5 X 5 program, why it works, and why it’s so popular. We also talk about Starting Strength which is one of the most popular books available on strength training and barbell exercises.

Being a guy more interested in building strength instead of getting fancy, his gym is built with basic equipment and he shares his ideas on how to build a garage gym on the cheap.

He also shares why he doesn’t warm up, foam roll, or stretch anymore which flies in the face of what we are all taught when it comes to the basics of movement.

His training methods focus on the basics and he uses strongman type conditioning work with his clients and he said something that was pretty funny “Nobody I’ve ever worked with has ever said “this is boring, do you have a treadmill”.”

He also said something that I believe to be absolutely true in that “If it means enough to you, you’ll get it done.” Exactly.

If you watch his YouTube videos, you’ll also notice a theme in that he plays a lot of heavy metal. I asked him to share some of his favorite bands/songs with me, which is great because I definitely love me some good head banging music! Bring on Slayer!

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