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My guest today is a man on a mission; a mission very similar to the one I’m on. His name is Alex Van Houten and he runs and hosts his own podcast as well.

Alex’s passion for helping men shed their dad bods runs much deeper than just getting rid of that extra layer of fat or getting lean and ripped. He’s been in the fitness industry for more than 13 years now and has dedicated himself to finding the reasons why men’s bodies start to change after they have children.

Alex shares a few insights that have some pretty significant meaning as it pertains to men and how our hormones control much of what happens to our bodies. We often hear that we need to just clean up our diets and train hard, but Alex says there are much deeper issues than that.

He shares his method of creating personalized nutrition plans and how and why they start with his hierarchy of hormones and how trying to boost our testosterone before addressing other hormones is futile.

He also talks about the importance of sleep and how it’s critical for optimum health and fat loss and why it’s imperative that we not only get enough sleep but that our bedtimes stay consistent. The book Sleep Smarter was a big eye opener for me personally and has changed how my nighttime routine flows.

We also got to talking about what we’re teaching our kids by eating like shit and through our bad habits and with obesity rates skyrocketing, it’s on us as dads to lead by example. Alex talks about the success he’s had with his clients and why the issue we’re facing as dads isn’t an information problem but rather a practical application problem.

If you’re a dad struggling with energy, losing weight, or trying to get your health back on track, this is a show you won’t want to miss.

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