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So today’s show is a little different than my previous ones in that I’m sharing a specific conversation I had with a member of our private community in the hopes that it helps you in some way.

About a month ago, a dad reached out to me and shared some of his struggles with his weight and health and we ended up in a conversation that ended with him committing to making some healthy changes to his lifestyle.

After a few weeks I got a follow up message and it totally blew me away. The physical and mental changes he made in this short time were astounding and I could hear the positivity and hope in his tone.

I share this conversation today because so many dads are struggling with the things he is and it’s an incredibly important topic to cover. As a coach, this is why I do what I do. Hearing the changes and knowing this dad is improving his life and the quality of it inspires the hell out of me and I hope you take something away from this episode.

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