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Andy Storch is someone I met a while back through a dads group we were both a part of and over time, I started to notice how much this guy was getting done each day.

Come to find out, he’s a business owner, entrepreneur, podcaster (actually of two different shows: The Talent Development Hot Seat and The Andy Storch Show), and a father of 2 young children.

I like to call him a chronic overachiever because this guys is on fire ALL the time! He is getting more shit done every day than most people do in a week and he’s figured out how to make the most of each moment he has.

His passion and energy are contagious and he’s dedicated to not only becoming the best version of himself but to helping others achieve more and succeed in their business and personal lives.

I asked him on the show to share his experiences and methodologies on how he accomplishes so much, keeps so fit given his hectic schedule, and what his rituals and routines are like. I know I can certainly get better at these things and he’s become very proficient at organizing, planning, and taking massive action.

We talk about the difference between living intentionally and living in a reactive mode and why the reason most people struggle to get ahead is because they have are doing things backwards.

Andy has some interesting thoughts on why just pursuing your passion usually isn’t enough for most people who are looking to start their own business or side hustle and what he suggests instead.

He also says much of what’s he’s learned and put into practice in his day to day life was inspired by the book The Miracle Morning and shares why it’s made such a huge difference in his routines, productivity, and success.

We also get into what it means to be part of a tribe and how powerful it can be when you’re trying to reach goals or become better.

One of the reasons I do everything in groups now and why the Fit Dad Nation Inner Circle is changing so many men’s lives is because of the accountability, teamwork, and being part of something bigger than just yourself. It’s that important!

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