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OK brothers, it’s time to reclaim your body and ultimately, your life.

You’ve waited long enough, maybe even years, and it ends now. For some of you, it’s been laziness. For others, it’s procrastination. For others, it’s not having the support and accountability.

There are a million reasons you have been putting your health off and it’s never going to get easier. The stars will never magically align and all your ducks will never be in a row.

It’s time to put your bullshit aside and get to work.

Whatever you do, I’m with you as long as it’s working towards being better.

If you need a push, someone to call you out on your excuses, or a swift kick in the ass, I invite you to join our upcoming Project 45 Transformation Challenge.

We begin on 1/1 and this is ONLY for those who can commit to all 45 days of clean eating, daily training, and being accountable to the band of brothers beside you.

Learn more or join us at

Fit Dad Basecamp
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