Pre-workout supplements are all the rage right now. They line the shelves of every GNC, Vitamin World, and even Walmart and CVS.

It’s no secret why these things are selling like crazy; because they work. They are filled with stimulants, energy boosters, and creatine and offer up a shitload of benefits for those looking to step their workouts up a notch.

The problem is that many of them are pure garbage. Sure, they sound great with fancy names like Xplode, Armageddon, and Shotgun, but many are filled with sub par ingredients, chemicals, and “secret” blends of useless herbs and amino acids.

Another problem is that they are damn expensive and it’s basically a trial and error process to find one that works for you and doesn’t make you feel like shit.

You can read reviews online of course, but many are fake and just trying to sell you something. It pisses me off because this is a market where men are spending millions of dollars and getting bad and even dangerous advice.

My Experience With Pre-Workouts

I’ve spent a lot of money on pre-workouts over the last few years and have had to do my own research to find out things like:

  • What is supposed to be in them and what isn’t.
  • What are the most important ingredients and why
  • How to cycle them
  • How to avoid crashes, headaches, and nauseau
  • Which ones are legit and which ones are scams

It sucks because a lot of the “science” behind these supplements is not science at all, but rather marketing. It’s easy to get people to buy your product when you give it a crazy name, a bright and shiny label, claim all kinds of great results, and mass market it to the right demographic.

The issue is that many of these supplements are borderline worthless and many of us don’t know any better. As single dads, you and I don’t have the money to be wasting on crappy supplements nor do we have the time to spend trying dozens of products looking for the good ones.

Fortunately, I have done a lot of the leg work and spent a great deal of time trying and testing dozens of pre-workouts and now share this information with you.

So I created a short, but useful guide called The Fit Dads Guide To Pre-Workout Supplements, that helps answer many of your questions.

In it, I discuss:

  • What’s in them and what should be in them.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of taking them
  • The most important things to understand when using them
  • The top 5 pre-workouts based on my experience, trial and error, and research
  • What happens when you take them for too long or in the wrong doses

If nothing else, it will save you money (potentially a lot) in the future and it’s FREE.

I honestly hope this guide helps you and look forward to hearing about your success with it.

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