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It’s easy to get caught up in hype and marketing when looking for info on diets these days. It seems like every “coach” on Instagram has a special diet plan to sell you and the book stores have shelves lined with every type of fad diet you can think of.

And it’s all because of one thing; to sell you. That’s it. The food industry doesn’t want you to be fit. The diet industry doesn’t want you to be fit. There is far less money in fit people than fat people.

So every day it seems like we’re hit with new “research” on the best way to burn fat or lose weight and most of it is pure garbage. If there was a best way to lose weight, we’d have a nation full of lean people. We don’t. We’re a country of overweight and obese people and it’s getting worse.

The Keto Diet isn’t your answer. The Paleo Diet isn’t your answer. The answer lies in you.

It’s on you to find the approach to eating that has the 3 things necessary for weight loss success:

1. It needs to be healthy
2. It needs to get you results
3. It needs to be sustainable

Most popular diets cover two of the three but very few cover them all. We are constantly trying to push a square peg through a round hole and eat in a way that doesn’t make sense for us long-term.

If you live for carbs, don’t do the Keto. If you hate veggies, don’t do the Paleo. It’s simple.

What isn’t simple is finding what works for you without trying a bunch of fad diets that will keep you fatter and frustrated. In my opinion, there isn’t a best way to eat. It might be Keto or it might be Paleo. You have to give them an honest try before you know.

Some people thrive just counting macros and some just focus on portions. There is nothing wrong with either if they cover all 3 things above.

Please stop chasing random diets that sound good or ones your buddy from the office said is the best way to lose weight. Think about your goals, your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle, your family, your schedule, and your resources.

Make a decision based on what you will have the best likelihood of succeeding long-term on, not what might work for a month.

After all, you are in this for life.

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