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Bobby Maximus is a stud. He’s a former police officer and UFC fighter, Host of the Maximus Podcast, writer for Men’s Health and author of Maximus Body, speaker, gym owner and a father to two boys and definitely not shy about what he’s all about.

At first glance, you might think he’s just another arrogant meathead, judging from all the shirtless selfies on social media and honestly, that’s what I initially thought as well.
But after reading some of his posts, listening to him on other shows, and digging into his content, I found him to be humble, articulate, and in the fitness business for the right reason; to help others get better.

He also takes a very direct and no bullshit approach to fitness and getting results, which I admire. I actually had a blast with our conversation and we spoke about a number of things from the power of taking complete ownership to the importance of honest self-reflection. We both agreed on the power of consistency and why showing up every day is critical to success and why we, as a society, love to play the “blame game”.

We also get into the topic of values and how we’re seeing some people’s true colors with the Coronavirus pandemic. He also has some interesting thoughts on the “overnight” success stories of athletes and celebrities and why it’s important to look at their work ethic versus thinking they are just lucky.

One thing we both agree on is how basic and simple getting and staying fit really is. There are no shortcuts, hacks, or (legal) cheats and anyone who tells you there are, is selling something.
Bobby is all over the Internet and you can find him on Instagram @BobbyMaximusFacebook, and at

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