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Today I had the opportunity to talk with Bryan Parady from and I was excited to talk with someone who is helping men put on weight, instead of helping them lose it.

Bryan, who is an author, trainer, and runs the Bones To Bulk Podcast, has an interesting story and took his scrawny 118 pound frame and over the course of several years, added 40+ pounds of muscle. He now teaches other men to do the same using his systems and programs.

We share a lot of common ground and both of us spent many years being super skinny and trying anything and everything to gain weight. It took me 10+ years of training to finally get from 120 to 160 pounds and I know the struggle of the “hardgainer” very well.

Bryan shares his principles on how he helps men bulk up and add lean muscle for those who struggle to gain weight. You may think it’s not a real problem and I’ve heard “I wish I had your problem” from more people than I can remember, but it’s a serious struggle for many men.

We talk diets and why super restrictive ones rarely work and what approach to take instead. He also shares his thoughts on optimum macronutrient ratios and what works for many of his clients.
We also discuss the common notion that we must lift super heavy weights in order to get bigger and what other methods of training work for size and strength.

It’s often thought that we need a ton of protein to add muscle and it’s generally overstated (usually by supplement companies who want us to buy their protein powders). We talk about a more realistic approach to eating protein as well as why it’s important to count calories.

One area that I often purposefully avoid is supplements, because so many are pure garbage and not worth your time or money. However, when adding mass and muscle is your main goal, it makes sense to consider a few key supplements and we discuss which ones are most useful.

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