6 Lessons I Learned From My Darkest Days Of Marriage And Divorce

In December, it will mark the three year anniversary since my initial separation and more than a year and a half since my divorce was made official. In that time, my life has literally turned 180 degrees and I'm happier than I've been in years. But it hasn't come without cost. Leading up to my [...]

Why Your Divorce Will Radically Improve Your Health

Divorce sucks. Many of you have either gone through it or are going through it now. It's emotionally and financially draining, wreaks havoc on your children (if not carefully handled) and turns your spouse into a bitter and spiteful person (if she wasn't already). Mine was official in April 2014 and while I didn't celebrate [...]

6 Amazing Videos That Will Inspire You To Be A Better Person

Although most of what I write about here is fitness related, one of my biggest passions is being in service to others and seeing life changes happen in other people. I spend a lot of time online (go figure) and when I come across something particularly moving, I bookmark it. The other day I got [...]

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