Overcoming Adversity and Hustling To Win With Anthony Trucks

 Anthony Trucks is an amazing individual and my conversation with him was incredibly inspiring. He was basically given away at three years old by his mother and fell into the foster care system where he was beaten and starved. He struggled through his childhood and through sheer perseverance, he managed to take the hand [...]

Jordan Syatt On Work Ethic, Coaching Gary V, and Doing What You Hate

Jordan Syatt is a fitness entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk's personal fitness coach, self-proclaimed Harry Potter dork, and probably one of the most genuinely nice people I've met in a long time. Jordan has an immensely successful online fitness business and gets to travel the world with Gary V, but it's not as glamorous as it might [...]

Living The AMRAP Mentality With CrossFit Champ Jason Khalipa

Jason Khalipa is a beast. He is a competitor in every aspect of the word and is on top of his game on so many different levels. He's an eight time CrossFit Games competitor and is also a father, husband, gym owner, speaker, and entrepreneur and his passion, humility, and sincerity gave me even more [...]

Cutting Through The World Of Online Fitness Bullsh*t With Tony Gentilcore

 Now I don't follow too many fitness guys online, but Tony Gentilcore has been one of the people I continually refer to for ideas, ideas, knowledge, and some funny ass shit. His site, TonyGentilcore.com is well worth a read. He's a Boston based strength coach, a co-founder of the Cressey Sports Performance facility in [...]

Talking With Oil Trader Turned Bodybuilding Pro, Craig Capurso

So I had the chance to talk with Craig Capurso, who was a bodybuilding pro with the IFBB as well as a spokesmodel for Bodybuilding.com. He is also sponsored by the supplement company Cellucor and can be found on the cover of dozens of fitness magazines. We talked about some of the cutting edge fitness [...]

Becoming a Warrior Inside and Out With Jason MacKenzie

 Jason MacKenzie is honestly one of my favorite people I've met online and he has a remarkable story to share. It's a story of love, loss, strength, weakness, and is inspiring as Hell. Jason is a father, speaker, coach, the founder of mentalhealthwarriors.com, and author of the Dadly Book of Open, which I recently [...]