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This show is a bit different than my previous 52 as I have no agenda, no script, no questions. Instead, I share my thoughts and experiences as the owner of an amazing community of dads, The Fit Dad Nation.

I’ve spent the last 5 years running the FDN and have seen so many men’s lives transformed because of what we do here. And not just physically either. I’ve seen men turn their relationships around, take new career opportunities, start new businesses and pursue their passions, and recreate themselves as dads and men.

And it’s been nothing short of awesome! As of this publishing, we have more than 640 men in our private Facebook group, the Fit Dad BaseCamp, which is our free group and where we share wins and losses, challenge each other, and is a place free from judgement.

And just a handful of months ago, I started an exclusive private membership program called the Fit Dad Nation Inner Circle and opened it up to the men in the BaseCamp. It was created for men who were ready to get serious about their health, take back their confidence, challenge themselves, and be part of a close knit accountability program.

And we have 40 men in there who are absolutely killing it. I’m serious when I say these guys are making big changes and have finally decided to put their health and fitness as a priority in their lives.

From the monthly fitness challenges, the weekly q&a sessions, the massive exercise and recipe library, the 4-man accountability teams, and having me to coach them through it all, it’s an incredible resource for dads looking to get and stay fit. And this is exactly why I built it.

And this program doesn’t discriminate. It’s not just for fit dads. Not at all. It’s for ALL dads and we have some who are training for Spartan Races and some who can’t walk more than 15 minutes without getting winded. It’s for all fitness levels and we work up from where they’re at.

If you’re a dad struggling with your weight, consistency, eating healthy, finding time to exercise, low energy levels, or poor overall habits, the Inner Circle will help you.

Fit Dad Basecamp
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