Where are you right now? What’s your story? (Be as detailed and straightforward as possible, the more you share, the better I'll be able to understand the specific help and advice that will give you the results you want)

What is the main goal you want to achieve right now? (Tell me what your life would look like when you achieve it)

What has hindered you from attaining it (or maintaining it) before now?

How would you rate your Work Life / Family Life / Social Life Balance? 1-10 (10 = Well Balanced And Present In Each Area)
1 10

How would you rate your energy levels throughout the day? 1-10 (10 = Plenty of Energy All Day, 1 = Tired ALL Day)
1 10

How committed are you to finally getting everything you want in life? 1-10 (10 = I'm fed up with not having it all and I'm 200% committed)
1 10

What success are you having in your yearly work / business finances right now?
Less than 50K per year50-100K per year100-250K per year250-500K per yearOver 500K per year

How will achieving the results you want benefit you?

How will achieving the results you want benefit those around you?

How do you feel I can help you most?

Share 3 times that you can talk with me below (I'm based on the East Coast, so ideally between 9 am and 8 pm Eastern Time)

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