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Today I dig into a topic that is a struggle point for a lot of people and that’s counting calories.

Should you do it? Is it worth the time? Does it really work?

There are some who think it’s a massive waste of time and unnecessary and others who live by it and there is no “right” answer. There are both plenty of benefits to tracking your foods as well as drawbacks and I discuss both.

I’ve spent the last 22 years as a fitness coach and have spent many hours tracking every calorie I ate, weighing out foods, and preparing all my meals in advance.

And yes, it works. Is it something you, the regular dad who isn’t looking to get down to 6% body fat or compete in a bodybuilding competition, need to do? Maybe and I’ll tell you why it makes sense or why it might be waste of your time.

I break down the different methods for tracking calories and estimating your daily needs and why some are less effective than others. I also discuss why some methods for counting calories, portions, or points are a complete and utter joke and not only incorrect, but seriously flawed.

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