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I don’t have to tell you that the world has been turned upside down with the spread of the Coronavirus. It’s affected virtually all of us and has decimated the stock market, cost millions of jobs, and is on track to kill hundreds of thousands of people.

We can only do the best we can during these crazy and very scary times and today I offer up some ideas to remain as healthy, both mentally and physically, as possible.
Our greatest defense is a good offense and by that, I mean if we take steps to stay isolated, build our immune systems, and remain active, we have a better chance of not getting this or at least suffering fewer or shorter duration symptoms.

These are a lot of things we can do on a day to day basis and sadly, many are using this “down” time to be lazy and withdraw from their normal routines.

I think that’s a bad idea.

I hope some of the ideas and tips help you in some way and I honestly wish you and your family well during this difficult period. If you’re looking to stay engaged with a community, please apply to our free Facebook group HERE.

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