Cutting Through The World Of Online Fitness Bullsh*t With Tony Gentilcore

//Cutting Through The World Of Online Fitness Bullsh*t With Tony Gentilcore

Now I don't follow too many fitness guys online, but Tony Gentilcore has been one of the people I continually refer to for ideas, ideas, knowledge, and some funny ass shit. His site, is well worth a read.

He's a Boston based strength coach, a co-founder of the Cressey Sports Performance facility in Massachusetts and currently runs his own training studio called CORE in Brookline, MA.

What I like about Tony, other than being a phenomenal coach, is that he's humble, ridiculously funny, and a student of the game. His quest for knowledge and becoming better at what he already does very well, is inspiring.

He not only consistently speaks across the country but seems to spend as much time learning as he does teaching. Rare in this industry for sure, especially given that the fitness market is known for people trying to cash in on hot trends.

Tony, like me, doesn't believe in the short game or quick fixes and I absolutely enjoyed talking with him. So take a few minutes out of your day and give this episode a listen, I have no doubt you'll enjoy it.

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