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Today I talk about two things that come up a lot for me as a fitness coach.

The first is when people view exercise as a punishment. I get it, many people don’t enjoy throwing around heavy weights and getting all sweaty and nasty. Others can’t stand being in a gym with all the meatheads.

I’ve had quite a few clients over the years tell me how much they dreaded going to the gym to train and guess what? I didn’t make them.

Instead I found alternate ways to get them involved in exercise. Getting into shape doesn’t have to revolve around heavy barbell squats and presses. It can be about moving more than you do now and challenging yourself in a way you aren’t used to.

For those of you who dislike or even hate training, I’ll tell you to find some form of exercise that you can tolerate or preferably, enjoy.

After all, we are creates of comfort. We gravitate towards things we like and gravitate away from things we don’t. It’s human nature. So instead of fighting with yourself every time you “have” to exercise, find something you like and “get” to do.

In terms of using food as a reward, I think it’s a bad idea. I’ve seen far too many clients/people over the years use the junk foods they gave up in order to get healthy as a reward for eating well.

It makes no sense.

The goal of any diet or approach to eating should be to find something sustainable long-term. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s healthy, works for you, fits into your lifestyle, and you can stick with it.

Don’t reward yourself for losing 15 pounds with eating a box of Pop-Tarts and feel like you “earned” it. If you eat healthy foods 80% of the time or more, you can eat those things without worrying about it.

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