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In today’s show, I wanted to share a few personal stories and why it’s so important to find your “why” when it comes to your health and fitness.

Now you may be thinking that it just comes down to discipline and if you want to get fit, you just need to create new, healthier habits. And you’d be right. But it’s not that easy. If it were easy to be disciplined everyone would be exercising and eating high quality diets.

But we’re not and it’s not because we’re lazy or don’t want to be fit, many of us just don’t possess the self-discipline it takes to make lasting changes.

And I believe that at the root of discipline there needs to be a “why” you should be. For me, my “why” came from a conversation I had with an old friend back in 2013. It was in that conversation that I realized that I wasn’t being the best dad I could be; far from it actually.

My self-inflicted abuse (in the form of fast food and sugar junk) was robbing me of my energy and motivation but more importantly, robbing my girls of having the best dad they could have. That and a real look into my own mortality shifted the way I looked at my life and is when I started taking control of my health again.

For you, it will be something different and there are no “right” or “wrong” answers. It’s a very personal thing and your job is to find the real, deep, underlying reason(s) you want to be fit. It’s there somewhere, I assure you.

Simok Sinek in his book Start With Why talks about how many great companies and leaders have powerful “why’s” and he talks about something called the Golden Circle.

The Golden Circle is comprised of 3 things:

Your “What”, “How” and “Why” are all conversations you have in your head and at the core of everything is why you are choosing to be healthy (or not). My challenge for you today is to start doing some self-reflection and trying to figure out what really inspires you on a deep, emotional level.

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