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Paul Yevcek grew up as the “chubby kid” and struggled with his weight most of his adult life as well.

Being in an unsupportive marriage, having alcohol and nicotine addictions, and caught in a perpetual loop of unhealthy habits, left him tired, depressed, and ballooning in weight.

This ultimately led to a divorce sending him into an even darker place; a place that saw his health deteriorate rapidly.
At 5’4, and weighing 300 pounds, it was extremely demanding on his system and his blood work numbers were getting increasingly worse.

He had tried dozens of diets from Keto, South Beach, and Weight Watchers and they all had the same effects; he’d lose 15 pounds or so and then stop. Then all the weight would come back.

He didn’t see a way out of this endless cycle of weight regain but when his physician said “Paul, if you don’t get on track, I can’t guarantee you will make it to 50”, it hit him hard.

It was then he realized he needed to take control of his health and not only become the role model his kids deserved, but to be around for a long time to see them grow up.

So on the recommendation of his physician, he chose to have Bariatric surgery and underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, where they removed about 80% of his stomach.

It was a major life decision for him and Paul shares his experiences, struggles, positives, and negatives related to the surgery, many of which have affected his weight, appetite, ability to eat, GI health, and his self-image.

We spoke about the idea that having such a surgery is the “easy” way out, which Paul assures me is not the case as it’s been one of the most physically and emotionally difficult things he’s ever faced.

I have a ton of respect for Paul for taking complete responsibility for his health and life and choosing the path of most resistance, instead of continuing to let his habits and emotions control him. He’s been a very active member of our Facebook community and private membership program, the Fit Dad Nation Inner Circle and has inspired a lot of men to push past their own limitations.

Paul has been an important part of the Fit Dad Nation, showing support for his brothers and sharing his personal journey as a reminder that if you have a strong enough “why“, it doesn’t matter how you get there. He also has extended an offer to help or answer any questions you may have about his surgery and subsequent recovery and lifestyle changes, so please post any questions in the comments.

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