I’m not a gadget guy. For me, the simpler the better. I actually prefer bodyweight training to any other type and need only a few select things for my personal workout routine.

I’m not a huge fan of fitness apps either, although there are a handful that are pretty useful, but most are clunky and pretty useless. I like to listen to music when I exercise and use an iPod, but anything more than that is usually just a hindrance.

However, there is one piece of equipment that has recently piqued my interest and a few of my clients swear by it; a FitBit. More specifically, the FitBit Charge HR, which seems to be the best one in their lineup of tracking products.

For those of you that are not familiar with what this is, it’s basically an activity tracker that does the following:

1) Acts as a pedometer and counts steps and distance walked/run

While it’s not imperative that you track your miles logged, it can serve to keep you moving more and constantly striving to walk/run a little further. More movement=more calories burned.

2) Tracks heart rate 24/7

This is a handy feature because your HR is gauged during any and all activities. I’m really don’t buy into the “fat burning zone” but believe that knowing your heart rate is helpful because you can gauge your intensity, which is very important!

3) Counts your calories burned

Counting calories is a pain in the ass. I have never enjoyed doing it because it takes time and I’m a pretty impatient guy. But it works. If you don’t know how many calories you’re eating, how will you ever know if you’re in a deficit?

4) Tracks your sleep cycles

This is helpful if you are interested in knowing the quality of sleep you’re getting because we all know that getting the right amount of rest is critical for muscle repair and recovery, not to mention all the other areas of your health it affects.

It actually does a whole bunch of other cool shit too and you should check it out for yourself. Here’s an excellent review of it.

Like I said, I don’t necessarily advocate the use of the latest fitness gadgets, but the FitBit Charge HR is a legit product that can help you along your fitness journey.

My FitBit Giveaway

fitbit charge HRSo I’ve decided to give one of these bad boys away in hopes of helping one lucky dude.

Starting on Tuesday 4/7 at 10 am EST, I will be running a 14 day free giveaway. An email address gets you one entry. A share gets you five.

I will be donating one FitBit Charge HR activity tracker via a random drawing in hopes of helping someone reach their fitness goals (hopefully quicker).

The best chance to win will be by sharing the giveaway with your friends because you’ll get those additional entries each time you do. I’ll be posting more about this on Facebook and Instagram over the next week, so keep your eyed peeled.

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