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So today I share the struggles I’ve been going through for the past two months and how I finally got out of my head and into action.

I’ve come to realize that there will be times in everyone’s lives when we get taken down and it’s all about how we choose to respond.

Whether it’s financial stress, a toxic relationship, failing health, loss of a loved one, or a divorce, there will come a time when the stress of something big will make us want to withdraw, shut down, or quit.

And we’ve got to expect these things to happen and then we need to recognize that it’s part of life. Once we recognize that, we will understand that just because we sh*t the bed from time to time and let our diets and lifestyle fall apart, doesn’t mean we’re weak or failures.

It’s about getting through the hard times and knowing that you’ll come away stronger. I’ve personally been through so many ups and downs, weight fluctuations, health scares, injuries, emotional breakdowns, and more that I realize now that’s these things are inevitable.

I chose to come back stronger this time and started out with a simple challenge to myself and the men in our Inner Circle brotherhood.

And that’s the focus right now. Small steps and just getting one day better.

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