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As harsh as it sounds, this is not a judgement.

The #1 struggle most men face isn’t exercise or training. It’s not finding time for fitness. It’s food. We want delicious foods and we want to eat as much as we want. And were willing to suffer the consequences, which on the exterior is being fat. On a deeper level, it’s being unhealthy and risking a premature death.

Training is the easy part. It’s controlling the quality AND quantity of what we put into our mouths that presents the most problems. Even with all we know about food as it relates to our health, we still choose to eat fried, fast, junk, and shit foods in copious amounts.

There are many reasons, some of them deeply emotional, as to why we choose to eat crap when we know for a fact that it’s hurting our health and killing our progress. Some of us feel powerless to control it, some of us ride the short-term high of sugar and salt, and some of us use food as stress reliever.

Regardless, if we want to change our body composition, have more energy, and feel good about ourselves, we absolutely have to control what we eat. The first step is wanting to change your current approach to eating. If you don’t care and are content with eating junk, no problem. This isn’t the place for you.

You must first possess a deep desire to change your health and be willing to sacrifice some things in order to get there. You certainly don’t need to give up all the things you love or avoid carbs forever, that’s nuts. But you will have to sacrifice something because what you’re doing now isn’t working.

Eating healthy isn’t a complicated thing. It really isn’t. It’s not an easy thing to do because we’ve been conditioned to want fast and junk foods and because they’re so freely available and taste amazing, it’s an easy sell. We have to be stronger than this. We need to commit to eating higher quality foods most of the time. We need to plan ahead and remember why it’s important to choose that apple over that muffin.

Once you’re in the habit of clean eating, it’s sooo much easier to stick with because you’ll literally feel a huge difference day to day. You’ll sleep better. You’ll have more energy. You’ll have better sex. Every area of your life will get better.

You just have to start.

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