One of the most overlooked aspects of training is the warm up.

Why? Because it’s boring and we, as men, want to get to the good stuff and start lifting heavy shit ASAP.

But this is a bad idea.

Sure we could get away with it when we were in our twenties, but not now. In our late 30’s and 40’s, our bodies aren’t as durable as they once were and that comes from years of neglect, sitting, being sedentary, injuries, and overuse. I’ve had my fair share of strains, pulls, and tears, and I will not train unless I spend 5-10 minutes doing a full dynamic warm up.

I like to think it’s help me avoid more serious issues and allowed me to train hard regularly. Not only will a proper dynamic warm up get your body physically ready for exercise, but mentally as well.

Plus, you’ll get your temperature up a little, get that light sweat going, and loosen up your muscles. It also helps with range of motion and prevents the chance of getting injured. There is no “right” way to warm up and the options are nearly unlimited as to what you can include in yours.

Here I show you a handful of my go-to warm up exercises and just spend 30-60 seconds on each. The key is to move purposefully and do it consistently. As in EVERY single workout.


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