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So I interviewed Jamie Elizabeth Thompson last year and it’s been one of our most downloaded shows to date. She’s a holistic intimacy and sex coach and when it comes to understanding what makes women tick, she’s an expert. Since our first interview, we’ve had a number of questions come from men in our community and Jamie agreed to answer some of them in this episode.

If you haven’t listened to that show (and you really need to!), here’s the link:

Our conversation today picked up where we left off and we dove into talking about taking responsibility for our role in our physical relationships and why the blame game will never get us what we want.

We spoke about the importance of learning and understanding our partners love language and why it can mean the difference between a great sex life and a lousy one.

When it comes to sex, many of us have certain interests and even fetishes and Jamie spoke candidly about what makes a woman become open minded and even very interested in these.

She also talked about how many of the non-traditional sexual interests we have are actually super common and how being ashamed of them is the worst thing we can do if we want our partners to be interested.

Jamie also answered a number of questions from men in our community and my hope was that it helps them build stronger physical and emotional connections with their wives and significant others. And one of the biggest takeaways for me personally was that it’s not that our wives aren’t interested in sex (and the kind we want too); they are. It’s that we can’t seem to communicate what we want and need effectively. This coupled with not allowing our wives to feel emotionally connected to us is killing our sex lives.

You really have to listen to this episode to benefit from it and I can’t do it justice in words here.

You can find more about Jamie on Instagram @holisticsexcoach or Facebook at and I’d highly recommend taking a look at her Erotic Menu, which helps with understanding love languages in the bedroom at

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