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Jamie Elizabeth Thompson is a holistic sex and intimacy coach who teaches people the tools to get their intimate needs deeply and specifically met and how to quickly navigate conflict with open, loving communication.

This is such a HUGE topic for us as men and we had a fascinating conversation. What I like about her is that she doesn’t hide behind fancy terms but rather just tells it like it is.

We spoke about the importance of taking responsibility for our role in the sexual relationship instead of playing the blame game, which many of us do. She explained the importance of being present for our wives and how to create an open and vulnerable place that will foster a much healthier and fulfilling sexual experience for both.

One issue many men face is that they push and push for sex when they aren’t getting it and Jamie explains why this is the worst thing we can do. Instead, she tells us what we should be doing that will make them want us without having to ask (or beg!)

Many husbands feel entitled to sex from their wives but Jamie says that coming from a place of entitlement is the wrong way to build a loving and intimate relationship and instead, we should be focused on creating a place for her to come forward and open up to us and tell us what they want.

We also got into the subject of porn and if it’s a good or bad thing for a healthy relationship and she has some interesting thoughts on it. Above all, she said, is that we need to be transparent with something like porn, which is often kept in secret and can lead to having an imbalanced perception of sex.

And she left me with a great thought when she said we should always be asking ourselves “is this serving my relationship”?

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