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Today I have the opportunity to talk with Fit Dad Nation community member, Jason Childs.

Jason found our free Facebook group, The Fit Dad BaseCamp, just a few months ago and went all in. He started engaging right away, joined a few of our challenges, and was super active with posting and commenting.

Shortly after, he joined our private membership community, The Fit Dad Nation Inner Circle, and has been busting his ass with our programs. And he’s crushing it.

I asked Jason to come on the show to share his experiences as a dad of two teenagers and someone struggling with health issues like Lupus and pulmonary fibrosis.

Jason shares how he lost his father to brain cancer as well and his 50 year old brother recently and has vowed to live long enough to see his kids grow up. He has dedicated himself to being healthy and being a good role model for his kids by leading by example.

As busy as he is, he has committed 100% to his health and makes time every day for exercise. He’s adopted new habits, discovered meal planning, learned how to track calories and macros, and is taking his journey about as seriously as one can hope for.

He attributes much of his success to being part of our tribe and having the accountability it provides. This is one of the reasons everything we do in the Fit Dad Nation now is done in groups. Because there is so much power in being part of a like-minded community all working towards the same things.

We talk about non-scale victories and how he measures his own progress and about the struggles he still faces day to day; struggles many of us as dads face as well.

We also get into the importance of mental health and being happy outside the home; primarily at work. I’m a big believer in pursuing your passions and not settling for grinding out an unfulfilling job year after year.

Jason talks about his passions and what he’d like to be doing, but like so many others, doesn’t know where to start. It’s such a common thing and there are millions of miserable employees out there, each having a unique set of skills and gifts yet no idea how to turn it into a job or business.

This conversation was real. Jason’s not a fit pro, an athlete, or a guru. He’s a regular dad like you and me and he’s inspired me many times over with his raw dedication to his health and family.

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