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Today’s guest is one of the most well connected guys in the fitness game and his name is Jay Ferruggia.

Jay is a strength and conditioning coach and has been in the fitness business for more than 20 years and has been featured in almost every major fitness publication out there from Men’s Health, Live Strong, Muscle & Fitness and Entrepreneur magazine. You may have seen him on ESPN, CBS or FOX and has worked with well over 700 athletes from MLB, NHL, NFL, and NCAA among others. He’s also a sought after speaker, runs the Renegade Radio Podcast, and is the author of the best-selling nutrition guide called the Renegade Diet.

Jay shares the story of how he got started in the fitness business after spending much of his youth being bullied and lacking self-confidence. He went on to build a six figure training business before he was 20 and hustled his ass off 12+ hours a day the next decade, building an underground gym and ultimately his online coaching business.

His journey wasn’t without struggle though and he went broke on more than one occasion and went from living a lavish lifestyle, taking high roller trips to Las Vegas and eating at the best restaurants to living with him mother and not having a penny to his name.

Today, after working relentlessly on himself for years, reading hundreds of books, attending seminars and workshops, and committing 100% to his health and fitness, Jay is the epitome of confidence and is an inspiration to so many men at 44 years old.

I asked Jay about his habits and routines that keep him to fit and how he spends his days. He shared a few of his go-to exercises and recovery tools and why he loves the float tank so much. We got into talking about confidence and why it’s the sexiest trait a man can possess and how to get more of it through a few simple actions.

He said something that really stuck with me and that was confidence comes from high self-esteem which comes directly from making promises to yourself and keeping them. Love this.

One of the things I like most about Jay and his approach to fitness (and life) is that he’s a straight shooter and believes in and follows the basics of good health. No gimmicks or bullshit like so many others in the fitness industry. You can find his main website here and make sure to check out the Renegade Radio Podcast.

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