The Journey To Losing 280 Pounds With Jeff Koettel

//The Journey To Losing 280 Pounds With Jeff Koettel

When I first heard of Jeff Koettel, it was through his Facebook page, The Incredible Shrinking Bearded Man, and I was immediately interested in learning more about his story.

As it turns out, Jeff, who is a single dad to one daughter, was once over 500 pounds and his life revolved around food and bad habits, but looking at him today, you'd never know it.

Today, he is a lean 220 pounds and is as healthy as he's ever been and his story spans over 20 years with many setbacks and triumphs along the way.

He shares his personal journey with me in our interview and his struggles with food addiction and how his whole food plant based diet has completely changed his life and health.He shares how he uses intermittent fasting to help him stay on track and why a simplified approach to eating works so well.

What I like about Jeff is that he's a regular guy, not some fitness coach trying to sell us on his "secrets" to massive weight loss. He's just simply trying to live a healthy life for himself and his daughter.

His story is one you won't forget and I highly encourage you to listen to this episode and also to check out his personal Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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