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Joe Buckner has been on my radar since I started this Podcast and it’s because he has an incredibly inspiring story to tell.

I first met Joe as part of the Fit Dad Nation community in 2014 when he was going through a difficult relationship breakup and we sort of lost touch over the next few years.

But I started seeing his name pop up over and over again in my feeds and after doing a little searching, I saw that he was doing some amazing work on himself and in the service of others.

Joe had a rough upbringing and although he was an exceptional athlete in high school, he turned to a life of crime that ultimately landed him in federal prison.

He shares the heartbreaking conversation he had with his young daughter before he left for jail and how he made a promise to himself that when he got out, he’d do everything he could to become a better man.

He also talks about the breakup that led to him being homeless for 10 months and how he chose to hustle his way into a better life. He literally worked his way from living on the streets to earning upwards of $50k per month and he credits his work ethic and gratitude for the opportunities he had.

Today, Joe is a successful entrepreneur, coach, TEDx speaker, and owner of the boxing studio, Beautifully Savage in Fort Collins, Colorado.

You can’t help but like Joe, and during our conversation he says “everything I’ve ever lost has claw marks on it” and “everything worth having in this life you’re going to have to fight for. Life is going to test you and fighters know this. They know they will get hit and how you respond is what matters.”

When Joe say that fighting solves everything, he is talking about fighting for what you believe and what you want and is exactly what he has done for years in order to become the man he is today.

There was also a very powerful short 8-minute film created about his story called Beautifully Savage and I highly recommend watching it.

You can also find Joe here:

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