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What Is The Apex Alliance

The Fit Dad Apex Alliance is a private community of like-minded dads who are working on becoming the best fathers, husbands, and men they’re capable of becoming. This group uses accountability, action, teamwork, and brotherhood to help each man grow, learn, and achieve at a higher level.

Being in the Alliance has been a valuable experience. The brotherhood between these men has grown since day one through Facebook interactions and most importantly, the weekly calls. Not only does it allow us to check in with Steve regarding fitness/nutrition issues, but we can bring up other personal issues that may be challenging us. This group also allows me access to the challenges that Steve offers to the BaseCamp group, which motivates me and breeds a fun competition amongst us. I cannot recommend joining the Alliance enough!
Chris V.
I joined the Apex Alliance because I needed somewhere to vent to like-minded guys and what I found was a group of men who wanted to help one another become better men. This group is exactly what I’ve been waiting for and not only are we held accountable, but we’re here to help one another. I’m 47 years old I have had the “Dad Bod” for at least 20 years and can honestly say this group has kept me from staying a couch potato.
Mark S.
I am proud to be a member of the Fit Dad Apex Alliance and the support I get from these brothers is amazing. The accountability I have with them is what keeps me consistent and the consistency is the key to this program and my success. Being part of this group has helped change my long-term mindset. I used to be an “all or nothing” guy and if I fell off the horse with regards to training or diet, I’d just let it all go to hell. With the support of these guys and the fact that I have to be accountable to them, I now give myself a break and get back on the horse when I make a mistake. These guys will help you keep on track, be there to support you when you fall off the path, and make you want to be a better you.
Dan D.

Member Benefits

Exercise and Recipe Archives
You’ll have access to hundreds of HD exercise video demonstrations as well as a full section with Primal/Paleo friendly recipes.
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As a member of the Fit Dad Apex Alliance, you’ll have FREE access to all weekly and monthly challenges normally offered in the Fit Dad BaseCamp Facebook group.
No Long-Term Commitments
No contracts, no back end fees, no cancellation charges. If you’re not finding the Apex Alliance useful, you can cancel at any time with one click.
This group is about being a better man and father and you’ll have the opportunity to engage with experts in a number of different businesses as well as live q&a’s with me as your coach.
You’ll have access to past Fit Dad Nation Challenges to keep you on your toes as well as downloadable guides and ebooks on topics ranging from improving relationships to mental strength to creating healthier habits.
I understand you’re busy and sometimes cannot make a call. No problem because all calls are recorded and available in the group for replays at any time.