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Jorge Rosa has been a member of the Fit Dad Nation community for years. He’s a busy father of two, a business owner, and former fat guy.

After high school, he left behind sports and went to culinary school, where he went from a lean and fit 135 pounds to over 250 pounds in just over a year.

For years, Jorge struggled to prioritize himself and always seemed to have more things to do than he had time. He was working two full-time jobs, working 18 hours a day at one point, and building his side hustle at the same time.

This started his real struggle with weight and over the last 15 years, he’s fluctuated up and down, always seeming to find more excuses than results.

His wife also struggled with post-partum depression and he spent any extra time he had with her and his young children. Of course, his health suffered. His eating was sporadic, his sleep was hard to come by, and there was definitely no time to hit the gym.

But his hard work and dedication paid off and he was able to start his own business, finally giving him more flexibility with his time. But it wasn’t until January 2020 when we started our Project 45 Challenge in the FDN Inner Circle that Jorge went all in on his health.

I’ve seen him start and stop many of our programs and monthly challenges and I know at some point things would “click” for him and he’d find his inspiration and motivation.

And in today’s show, he shares what brought on the changes, how it’s impacted his family, relationships, and quality of life.

And it’s inspiring as hell, honestly.

Any time I see a dad make the firm commitment to himself and then get after it with 100% focus and dedication is a reminder of why I do what I do and why it’s so important to make your health and wellness a priority.

This is a show for regular dads by regular dads and Jorge’s story shows us that regardless of all the shit we have going on in our lives, sometimes all it takes is that spark to set you on fire.

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