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In today’s show, I share the 4 rules of our 45-day challenge and why I, along so many other members of our Inner Circle, are making incredible progress already.

We started our “no cheat” challenge called Project 45 on 1/1 and in the first two weeks, I’ve personally dropped over 10 pounds and feel 10x better. The other men in the group are experiencing similar results and it’s not because we’re doing anything new; actually, it’s the opposite. We’re just following a few basic principles of good health.

We’re focusing on our diets 100% with zero cheats, training daily, drinking a sh*t ton of water, and doing a short mobility workout every day.

That’s it.

No supplements. No fancy program. No overly strict diet plan.

Just focusing on the basics and being consistent. It’s not sexy, but it works. It works because so few of us actually commit 100% to doing something like this and then actually do it.

For me to lose 10 pounds in two weeks says a lot. It showed me just how much crap I was eating and now that it’s gone, my bloating is gone, my energy has spiked, and I feel far better than I have in a long while. I think about what my and the men in the challenge results will be in two more weeks. Or four. Or eight.

It’s pretty amazing what can happen in a short amount of time when you’re fully committed.

But this isn’t about me. It’s about the men who dedicated themselves to being better. It’s the daily work they’re putting in and are already seeing the results. And for you, when was the last time you told yourself you were going all in on your health and fitness and then pushed past your excuses and got it done?

That’s why this is significant. It’s because you and I have the power to literally transform our bodies, health, and ultimately, our lives. Just by making that decision to do it and having the self-discipline to log the time, energy, and sweat needed.

The key to our results in not so much the process, but the consistency with which we do it. Any diet or program can work if it has these 3 things:

1. It’s healthy
2. It gets results
3. It fits into your lifestyle and is sustainable

I wanted to share this episode with you in hopes that it might inspire you to commit (or recommit) to yourself and crush your goals, resolutions, or the things you’ve been putting off for far too long.

Do it.

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